A Letter from our CEO

I am honored to lead Effective Business Solutions as Chief Executive Officer and collaborate with my senior management team, as we work together to profitably grow the company and build value. EBS is not only a name or a company, it is a desire to grow and excel. EBS is a company that was formed as a result of years of experience and a desire to put together a service oriented business that will meet the expectations of our customers. We desire to lead the way with a strong commitment to providing professional solutions to our customers that address business needs that can positively impact their organizations. Our team is implementing our long-term strategy to guide the company for the many years to come. Our strategic plan has numerous initiatives across Pakistan and other regions and functions that are designed to leverage our strengths and growth. Our company culture is aligned to our values - a very open atmosphere, allowing creative thinking and a supportive environment. Members within the EBS share a lot in common: motivated, very driven, enthusiastic, and energetic, determined to perform well and succeed. Developing new and cultivating existing relationships is essential to our sustained growth. By working with our clients, we strive to increase our understanding of their business needs as well as exceed challenging requirements of their projects. Our business strategy better addresses our customers’ needs, truly putting them at the center of our efforts. We will continually evaluate and ensure that we are applying the most promising alternatives for our clients. Working with our team members and clients across the country, we look forward to delivering new approaches and outsourcing techniques that will change the business industry. Our commitment to delivering high quality work for the satisfaction of our customers and employees is a commitment we believe will ensure the continued success of our company for years to come.

Chief Executive Officer

Our Company Profile

Effective Business Solutions (EBS) is a diversified consulting organization, focused on providing professional and quality business solutions to various organizations. Our solutions challenge the norm by setting new standards for businesses. The quality fits local and international companies’ highest standards. Our goal is to provide outstanding consultancy services to multi-sector organizations paired with effectively managing human resource services, business solutions and marketing facilities to meet their business demands in HR policy planning, strategy, marketing & management, various kinds of branding and advertising and numerous types of assessment of our client’s current organization. Putting the needs of our clients first is paramount to our success. We operate on benchmarked standards, taking only the best practices in the industry to various organizations. EBS is involved in virtually every facet of the business industry, specializing in, talent management architecture and practices, building organizational effectiveness, Hi potential Talent Search, Marketing & Branding, Event Management, mass recruitments, outsourcing of Services and staff, organization development and development interventions tailored to the client’s needs. Our clientele is diverse, ranging from corporate to Government to Multinationals to NGO’s and those working for the social sectors. Our customers are a satisfied lot, who have been working with us since our inception. Our dynamic core team brings with them decades of practical experience, both of the corporate sector and the government; an ideal mix of highly skilled and proactive professionals dedicated to offer expert advice with equally impressive results. The EBS team takes a business first approach with our clients so that we can identify the best solution for each company as we work with them to understand and analyze their business needs. We value our people because their talents are the main assets of the company.
At EBS, we live and believe our mantra - Professionalism, Quality and Innovation.